The Burlington Road Safety Committee

Seniors' Road Safety Seminar 2020

Please join us for this year's Senior's Road Safety Seminar at the Central Branch of the Burlington Public Library! We hope to see you there.


Welcome to the Burlington Road Safety Committee's web site!

Traffic concerns are dominant in the Burlington area, and frequently top the list of community concerns.

Many studies exist which show the magnitude of the injuries, deaths, and disabilities resulting from motor vehicle crashes in Canada, Ontario, Halton and Burlington. Citizens and politicians identify motor vehicle and other road-related crashes as having a significant negative impact on our community. The loss of young life is particularly haunting.

The current public debate over automobile insurance clearly illustrates the economic and health care costs associated with motor vehicle crashes.

There are a number of effective 'best practice' programs that are known to reduce the number and severity of motor vehicle and other road-related crashes. These programs involve technology, legislation/regulation, environmental change, engineering measures and community education. You will find information about some of these programs on this web site. And the web sites listed in the 'Links' section will give you a wealth of information on many road safety topics.

Collisions Are Not 'Accidents'!

Collisions --- road crashes --- are not "accidents": they are predictable and preventable events.

Road crashes can be analyzed by age and gender of the driver, behaviour of the driver, weather conditions, location, time of day, day of the week, and so on. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) indicates that the majority of collisions are caused by driver error. The main driver errors found in Halton Region include speeding,

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